Thursday, October 25, 2007


last night's rain will be talked about on utila for a long time.

in front of the fire station golf carts had to be pushed through
force five (ok, three) rapids while the local kids stood around
laughing at ex-pats who, obviously, had never had to drive through
a low water crossing on memorial day week-end. (it was fun)

couple this with ankle deep red mud all over all (both) of the streets,
great balls of fire in the sky, lightning that gave you less than two seconds
warning before the peal of loud, proud thunder, and you've got yourself
a world class theme park.

not since hurricane mitch have i experienced a rain like that.

and i watched it all from the over-the-water deck of the tranquila bar
listening to robert johnson, sonny boy williamson, b.b. king, and
stevie ray vaughn blast out a back beat full of blues.

and i did it with a cold salva vida in my hand.

i love this place!


Blogger Scuba_dude_Gene said...

Drat, missed all the fun, not much rain here in Egypt.

11:33 AM  

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