Sunday, November 26, 2006

grey days

it's been about ten days since the rainy season turned everything perpetually grey and wet.

i'm not complaining because it's actually kind of neat the way the dive shop shakes with every set of swells and the tin roof makes it virtually impossible to ignore the rains incessant pleading for all of your attention.

not to mention the fact that i'm having to get used to not sleeping with a fan constantly turned on me in order to keep the sand flies at bay.

as a matter of fact i'm starting to love it.

todays breakfast consists of a piece of coconut bread, a fresca, and two packets of chips ahoy.

tell me this ain't paradise!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

cold front

after four days of wind and rain (did i mention it was COLD!?) it seems the weather is breaking up a little.

at least the sunrise today (yes, janina, i know that the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening, i think i´ve got it now) shows signs of a sun being there. big spokes of light all around and through the dark clouds.

are we happy about this? noooooo! all we can do is talk about how there´s another front coming through in a couple of days.

we seem to be unable to rejoice at the fact that the supply (beer) boat is coming from the mainland (beer place) today. we would rather wallow in gloom and doom than jump up and down singing the happy beer song (don´t even think about it).


(i will just have to do the happy beer dance all by myself.)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

new schedule

the owners of the driftwood cafe have decided to shut down the breakfast shift until high season starts (december).

so i've been put on the lunch shift. definitely busier and more fun.

how this affects the life of jungle has a variety of manifestations. one of which is that i now have more time to practice my blues harmonica and my guitar a little more. and even sing once in a while when no one else is around.

i've never really fully appreciated the harmonics of a neighborhood full of howling dogs before.