Friday, September 29, 2006

squawk and walk

a friend of mine just started her own little business on the island.

she's selling rotisserie chicken (and using a very excellent recipe for the rub. it's mine!!)

her business is called "chicken on the run"...(squawk n walk sounds a lot better to me but i'm not a marketing major, yet).

the idea is you call in, order your chicken, and it gets delivered the next day by a beautiful woman on the islands only bicycle pickup truck.

not a bad idea when you think about it. (squawk n walk)

to place your order call 425-3422 or stop by skid row (a later post) in sandy bay and write that sucker down.

(i was coerced into writing this by the aforementioned beautiful woman because she is plying me with wine, cheese and crackers even as i type so don't think i'm selling out here.)

it's good!

sign up now!

ask about the pullet surprise.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

learning new dances

an era has come to an end.

jungle jim is no longer involved in the diving business.

i've been replaced by younger and prettier (and more malleable) course directors.

and since i don't have the money to go to DEMA and re-new my rating, as of dec. 31 of this year i will no longer be a course director.

and so i bid adieu to the Grand And Glorious Megalomania Experience (otherwise known as GAG ME).

so long, and thanks for all the fish.

in the meantime i have become a short order cook.

i'm now cooking breakfast and running the occasional bbq for the new lessees of the driftwood cafe.

it's amazing how much fun i'm having. and i get to eat twice a day.

life is good.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


i've seen quite a few foreigners come to utila with the express purpose of retiring to paradise and making a small fortune by opening up a business on the side.

i've also listened very patiently over a few (lots of) beers to people who tried it on the honduran mainland.

some of these had some incredible stories to tell and lived to do just that.

some cases were just sad.

they all expect to have the same amenities and basic human rights they have "back home".

it all boils down to doing your homework and getting all your legal ducks in a row.
and realizing you're going to have to adapt to another culture.
even then it's an adventure.

you're not in kansas anymore.

today i ran across the blog of a woman who's in the process of living that same adventure right now. she's blogging all about it over at 'the southern leap'.

it's funny and informative for anybody who's ever thought of living in another world.

a world of wonderful people, customs, and amazingly beautiful mountains, forests, and coral reefs.

i think she's going to do just fine and i'm looking forward to seeing her at "bobs bar".