Monday, June 25, 2007

new passport

well, my new passport is in la ceiba.

where, exactly, is the mystery of the day. at least it's there.

i'm anxious to see what i look like in a blue blazer and to put this thing to good use
in my current campaign of pest eradication in my room.

my career as a restaurant cook continues to plummet as i have just found out that i don't know what a burrito is, either. i do, however, now know what a taco is.

it's not a burrito.

i currently am aspiring to discover what an enchilada is.

i hope to be able soon to use the phrase "the whole enchilada" with aplomb.

i wonder what the weather will be like tamale.

i hope it's not too chili.

someone stop me before it's too late.

Monday, June 11, 2007

vacation people

what is it that turns people who go on vacation into such assholes?

even if it's just a weekend trip all of a sudden normal, fully functional
human beings turn into the in laws from hell at the slightest chance that
some stranger will be at their beck and call for the space of an hour or so.

we see this all the time at the restaurant.

families show up for breakfast. they are fairly sedate.

at lunch they're a little more relaxed (drunk).

at dinner the heads start to spin and split pea soup goes everywhere.
(i'm talking about grandmothers here.)

i'm thinking about moving the outside tables a little closer to the water.