Tuesday, July 31, 2007

go fly a kite


i'm sitting at the bar in my favorite monday place having a cold salva vida, listening to great music, and talking to good friends when i notice something on the beach.

a guy is trying desperately to untangle a gordian of kites in a wind that's blowing about 20 knots.

he finally gets one untangled and picks a vantage point.

right between two ravenous kite eating trees (the only things above sea level in an area measuring about 30 meters in any direction).

up goes the kite.

down goes the kite.

i should probably say at this point that the kite itself looks to be immanently flyable.

beautifully crafted wings, colors of gold, blue, yellow, orange, red...you get the idea.

unfortuneately it appears to be a better plow than a kite. or maybe a dowsing rod.

after about four beers (mine, not his) he changes tactics and begins playing "spear the random child on the beach". not successfully but he at least appears determined and has at last set a worthwhile goal.

maybe it's some kind of druidic ritual.

or he just tied his knot upside down.