Tuesday, December 19, 2006

rain and sun

so i'm at the dive shop early and decide to make a little coffee.

i take the basket with yesterdays grounds still in it and reach out to shake
it into the sea off the dock.

apparently the basket has been waiting for this for a long time.

it sees it's chance and makes a mad leap into the crashing surf.
forgetting it's made of plastic, it tries to dive down and out of my sight.
i chuckle to myself and go get a kayak paddle.

after ten minutes of cursing and trying to ignore the growing howls of laughter
from the ever increasing crowd of divers gathered at the shop i manage to flip
the damn thing back on the dock.

(who knew that a plastic basket could be so agile!?)

still having my wits about me i knew that i should probably
rinse the salt water off the basket before i made the coffee.

i go around to the back of the shop.

i see a pvc pipe.

i see a handle.

i turn the handle.

i have an epiphany.

i'm standing in an outdoor shower.

it's a good thing i got in to the dive shop ahead of the rain.

todays breakfast: salty coffee and oreos.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

todays weather

so far this morning there appears to be mostly sun with a few clouds. no wind.

hopefully that's the way it will stay for a while in spite of the fact that the no wind part means lots and lots of tiny sand flies. wings with teeth.

the island is starting to fill up again. the scuba instructors who left for rainy season are starting to come back and more tourists are showing up.

the restaurant has been doing well in spite of the constant rains and the out of the way location.

we had a chili cook off last sunday and i took third place. out of seven. i lost to a pot of "chili" with brown by god sugar in it!


what is the world coming to? brown sugar in chili?

next they'll be putting beans in there!

i need a beer.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

taking charge


my life has pretty much gone to crap since about this time last year.

yesterday was the straw that broke this camels back.

i´m riding back on the aptly named vomit comet and actually enjoying the ride.

she started jumping right out of the gate.

people screaming.

i was actually thrown to an upright standing position twice.

i´m thinking ¨this is kinda nice, definitely an e-ticket, disney´s got nothing on this.¨

and...i´m sitting next to this really cute girl, after about thirty minutes she looks at me and smiles, and proceeds to throw up on my feet.

i´m growing the mustache back.

Friday, December 01, 2006

travels and travails

so there i was.

all happy and full of myself at having successfully navigated the channel to the mainland (without throwing up), standing at the hedmann alas counter staring at the girl behind said counter saying ¨como!?¨ while she is explaining to the stupid gringo inside my clothes that the bus to san pedro sula is, indeed, full.

there goes my passport renewal trip, all up in smoke. the consul is only there three days a week from 1 to 4 pm and this is my only shot for a while.

so now i´m at the mega plaza plotting a campaign against an as yet unwary supreme pizza.

let´s see if i can´t screw this up.

wish me luck.